About Us

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE ASSOCIATES, Inc. is a dental practice brokerage company, committed to successfully uniting buyers and sellers of dental practices. The firm was founded by Max Wilson, D.D.S., a dentist with extensive training and expertise in dental practice management, including the sales and transition processes of dental practices. Dr. Wilson owned and operated a successful dental practice for more than 30 years in Oklahoma. In the last years of his practice, Dr. Wilson began his own dental practice transition. It was during this period of time, and the subsequent sale of his practice, that he became acutely aware of the need for a high quality and ethically superior dental practice brokerage firm, to assist and advise dentists in this part of the country and be especially willing to handle each transaction with honesty and integrity and attention to the diversity of details of each individual sale. This is the foundation upon which Professional Practice Associates operates, and is foremost in all of the services we provide.

Dr. Max Wilson and Professional Practice Associates promise that our brokerage and transition services will meet the needs of each individual client, and that the performance of these services, in every transaction, will be accomplished with utmost honesty and integrity for all parties concerned.

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE ASSOCIATES is a unique and a particularly qualified company to represent dentists in ALL forms of dental practice transitions.  Whether you are contemplating selling your practice, purchasing a practice, bringing an associate or employee dentist into your practice, or even if your need help in developing written agreements for employee agreements, we at Professional Practice Associates can help you.  We also provide “understandable” and accurate valuations of dental practices for a variety of needs, such as estates, financial statements and practice sales.  The main and most important thing that makes Professional Practice Associates the one YOU should consider “first” is that all of our associates are dentists who now are in the business of serving other dentists and our profession of dentistry rather than a patient base.
Why is having such representation provided by a qualified dentist broker so important?  The obvious reason is that no one that is not a dentist, and has stood in your shoes, can understand and represent your practice like another dentist broker can.  When you are dealing with the sale of what is probably your largest asset,  or if you are buying a practice that may well be the largest purchase you have made so far, why would you want to trust that extremely important transaction to “anyone” that may have been selling vacuum cleaners only last year?  There is nothing wrong with selling vacuum cleaners, and I did it myself while in college, but in such a critical and complicated transaction as a practice transition, it just doesn’t make sense.

If you have an interest in selling your practice, buying a dental practice, or entering into an associate arrangement, click on the appropriate button on our Home Page for more information.  We, or one of our associates, can help you locate a practice opportunity, not just in Oklahoma, but anywhere in the USA.