Do I need a practice broker in order to sell my dental practice?

Not always. Many practices are handled by the dentist himself; however, the risks to a seller are significant and numerous.  If you are not trained in the skills of establishing an accurate valuation of your practice and you are not trained in other skills such as determining the qualifications of your buyer such as his financial ability to make the purchase, or determine his standings with various state dental boards, or even the buyers ability to successfully run the practice and treat your patient friends as you would prefer, then you should leave those determinations to a qualified dental practice broker who does possess that ability.  The advantages of using a practice broker are many, and most doctors find that not only is their transition handled more quickly and efficiently by using a broker, but most practices sold by a broker, will bring a more favorable price to the seller, than if handled by an individual with no experience in fine tuning a practice sale. This difference in value received usually more than covers any expenditure created by the broker's fee.