How do I know what price to place on my practice?

The value placed on your dental practice is critical for a successful practice sale. Professional Practice Associates can help you in establishing a price that is fair to both the buyer and the seller. When establishing the value of your practice, the advice of dental suppliers, your dentist friends and untrained accountants and attorneys can and usually is inaccurate and will be a number that is difficult to support.  It could even subject you, as the seller, to try to defend that price in a court of law.  These practices of establishing practice values are dangerous. Accurate comprehensive practice valuations must be done by those knowledgeable in the techniques and market performance of practice values and sales in your geographic area. Practices that may appear similar may vary widely in value. Differences in services rendered, the longevity of staff and doctor, operating overhead, location and transferability are only a few of the nearly seventy points of practice characteristics used by Professional Practice associates in the development of a comprehensive practice valuation. We utilize several accepted methods of practice valuations in our determinations to insure a fair and accurate price to place on each of our practice listings. Lending institutions will not make loans based upon an uninformed guess or unqualified estimates of practice value.