CENTRAL OK. - Listing #317HC20 (One practice; Two locations)

Square Feet: 
1,336 at primary location & 950 in secondary location
Type of Practice: 
General Dentistry
Denticon (a leased dental software system)
Type of Opportunity: 
Practice for sale (two different and unique offices, both 20 minutes apart)
Number of Treatment Rooms: 
Primary = 5 (2 for hygiene) and secxondart = 4
Annual Practice Collections: 
Dental Office Facility: 
Primary locatin owned by Seller and Secondary is Leased
New Patients Per Month: 
24 at Primary Location and 20 at Secondary location TOTAL 44


This is a very unique practice opportunity. You get TWO for one!!! The seller operates two dental practices in two communities about 20 minutes apart. They are both quite different in the type of patient base that they serve. One facility at the primary location is owned by the seller and is for sale with the practice and the second facility is a leased facility in a medical complex. Both have adequate parking for their patient base and staff members.

This practice has an excellent overhead providing more than 40% return to the owner.

The selling doctor has sustained a serious back injury and it is that issue that is forcing his early retirement. Before his injury, this practice was generating revenues of more than a million dollars annually. Since the doctor has had to begin working with his injury and associated pain, he cannot maintain that lever of product4ivity, but the dentistry IS STILL THERE.

The staff plans on remaining with the practice after the sale and they travel between the two offices with the doctor, minimizing staff overhead in operating two facilities.

The seller used to provide orthodontic services, but does not have any active cases currently since he has to cease that service after his injury. The need for orthodontics (Invisiline or other) is still there for the taking if the new owner had that skill.

The selling doctor has had a senior doctor working for him in the primary office to help with the patient load and I believe that plan should continue when a new owner takes this practice over. There is more dentistry to do, between these two facilities, than one single Dantist could do in four days. This could easily become a 5 or 6 days per week office by using flexible scheduling and days worked, and could hit seven digits again, very quickly. The overhead expenses should remain about the same but the profit margin would be significantly higher, creating a real cash cow for the owner, This is simply a practice that one has to see to believe. Call Professional Practice Associates for an appointment to see this amazing opportunity. FINANCING AVAILABLE